Won BAFTA Cymru Award Best Editing Drama 2010               'The Indian Doctor'       BBC 1 Episodes 1-3
Won BAFTA Cymru Award Best Editing Documentary 2010    'Train to Ravensbruck'  S4C
Won BAFTA Cymru Award Best Editing Documentary 2004    'Star Spangled Dragon'  BBC wales


Bards, minstrals, troubadours, raconteurs, tellers of tales, communicators, chatters and spinners of yarns.....they all needed to be able to tell a good story to make a living.Editors are no different and as a raconteur of many years I've helped a lot of directors spin a lot of yarns!.

Be it a feature film, tv drama or documentary it makes no difference...a good tale is a good tale! As an editor I can help you spin that yarn!.....I know a good story when I hear it and believe me I've heard a few of them!

Have a look at my cv and some of the clips and if you think I can help you, just give me ring or send me one of those communication things....an e-mail.

                                               John Gillanders.